From: Vieri Di Paola via Shorewall-users <shorewall-users@lists.sourceforge.net>
> lan     $IF_LAN         routeback,arp_filter=1
> wan     $IF_WAN         routeback,arp_filter=1
> caib    $IF_CAIB        arp_filter=1
> ibs     $IF_IBS         arp_filter=1
> dmz     $IF_DMZ         routeback,dhcp
> -       lo              -
> I unsuccessfully tried adding proxyarp=1 to IF_IBS, but not IF_LAN.

I realized the failing LAN hosts did not have appropriate persistent routes to 
both caib and ibs. Adding them solves the issue.

I thought it would have worked with proxyarp=1 on $IF_IBS, but I'm OK now just 
as long as the clients get set up correctly.

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