Shorewall 5.2.0 RC 1 is now available for testing.

Problems Corrected:

1)  This release includes defect repair through Shorewall

New Features:

1)  When AUTOMAKE=Yes, each directory in the CONFIG_PATH was originally
    searched recursively for files newer than the compiled script. That
    was changed in Shorewall such that only the listed
    directories themselves were searched. That broke some
    configurations that played tricks with embedded SHELL such as:

       SHELL cat /etc/shorewall/rules.d/loc/*.rules

    Prior to, a change to a file in or adding a file to
    /etc/shorewall/rules.d/loc/ would trigger recompilation. Beginning
    with, such changes would not trigger

    Beginning with this release, the pre- behavior can be
    obtained by setting AUTOMAKE=recursive.

    Also beginning with this release, AUTOMAKE may be set to a numeric
    <depth> which specifies how deeply each listed directory is to be
    searched. AUTOMAKE=1 only searches each directory itself and is
    equivalent to AUTOMAKE=Yes. AUTOMAKE=2 will search each directory
    and its immediate sub-directories; AUTOMAKE=3 will search each
    diretory, each of its immediate sub-directories, and each of their
    immediate sub-directories, etc.

Thank you for testing,

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