On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 07:13:50PM -0500, Kevin Parent wrote:
> > > I think you need interfaces option "routeback".
> >
> > In the man file for shorewall zones it states:
> >            For $FW and for all of the zones defined in /etc/shorewall/zones,
> >            the POLICY for connections from the zone to itself is ACCEPT 
> > (with
> >            no logging or TCP connection rate limiting) but may be overridden
> >            by an entry in this file. The overriding entry must be explicit
> >            (specifying the zone name in both SOURCE and DEST) or it must use
> >            "all+" (Shorewall 4.5.17 or later).
> As you suggested, the "routeback" option in /etc/shorewall/interfaces did
> the trick.

I guess the doc is referring to hosts on a zones that spans interfaces.
An interface can only belong to one zone, but a zone could have multiple
interfaces, like:

lan             ip
dept1:lan       ip
dept2:lan       ip

dept1   eth0
dept1   eth1

I guess the "zones" doc should mention that.


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