2017-12-10 13:54 GMT+01:00 Jens Georg <m...@jensge.org>:

> Btw, the new home for the documentation is
> http://shotwell-project.org/doc/html/share-upload.html

Thank you for the hint.

> > However, after updating to version 0.26.4, I seem to be unable to
> > publish to the web. While I have enabled the Facebook extension in
> > Shotwell's preferences, there is no "Publish" entry in the File menu.
> > Also, the shortcut Ctrl + P does not invoke the publish dialog,
> > either: it opens the Print dialog instead.
> The Shortcut for sharing is Ctrl + Shift + P; Seems the documentation
> is outdated. I will fix that ASAP.

Great, thank you.

I don't know why you are missing the menu entry, though. I can see it
> when selecting a photo. So no, that is not known or by intention.

Oddly enough, I can no longer reproduce the issue: Whle I had rebooted my
machine twice just to be sure before I sent my original email, the menu
item for sharing is back after rebooting once more, and I can also see the
new shortcut listed next to it. Publishing works again as expected. Yay :)

Sorry for the inconvenience I may have caused.
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