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On 06/03/18 00:54, Jens Georg wrote:
Can you pin-point any particular action that you are doing when this is

Well... At the moment a simple restart of shotwell will result in it happening. If I order (some or all) the mislocated tags, they will return to their wrong state shortly after start-up (I presume while Shotwell is scanning for changes on the files or...?)

Shotwell does not take xmp sidecar files into account yet.

Right. Sorry. I am using Darktable along with Shotwell, so I forgot.

Do you have any idea of what is causing this? Or how to debug this?

If that happens again, can you provide ~/.local/share/shotwell/photo.db
and photo.db.bak  somewhere for analysing?

I can send you a copy once I get proper internet again.

What is photo.db.bak? I think I sometimes have manually overwritten that with a backup when I had made manual changes to the database.

Have not touched the tags table, though :-p

I tried to search a bit in the bug database, but no luck.

Does https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=776387 match?

Close. It may be related. He talks about the error happening when he is moving tags around. I can actually move all tags in place to my liking - except the return to their corrupt state after a Shotwell-restart.


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