So today I have experienced more problems with shotwell. In brief:

 a) External edits.

When I want to edit photos with external editor, tonight Shotwell started (for some images) not to create the _modified.jpg file. I would right click a photo and select Open With External Editor. Shotwell would then launch the editor, but the myimage_modified.jpg file would not be created.

If I close the editor (it had no file to work on anyway) and right click the photo in Shotwell, the Revert to Original would be grey, as in no external edits were made.

I discovered that if I copy the image manually to myimage_modified.jpg and then (via Shotwell) selected Open With External Editor, then Shotwell would create myimage_modified_1.jpg and open that in the external editor.

I can then close the external editor, select Revert to Original, deleted the myimage_modified.jpg (that I created), and then choose, Open With External Editor, and then everything works - with myimage_modified.jpg.

 b) Non-commited changes.

I had an image that I cropped. By chance of a small brain fart I accidentally closed Shotwell just to re-open it right away and continue working. I noticed, however, that the image I cropped no longer had the crop. I tried again, cropped it and closed / re-opened Shotwell, and no... the changes was lost immediately.

I also (by chance) noticed a neighbouring image that had lost it's changes. These changes were more subtle (exposure / color balance changes) and I thus don't recall the exact changes; I just know that I visited that image before and made changes.

I did not investigate this further right now. Honestly, these two discoveries along with my parent-tag problem (different thread) just made me feel tired. I am a bit scared that lots of changes in my photo collection (9200 photos) may or may not have been lost and it will be difficult for me to find out which (even-though I do have periodic backup of my Shotwell database).

Is my Shotwell database just completely fucked?

Are there other people with similar problems?

Right now I kind of think that it would be better with sidecar files. My thought is that at least the damage would be more local and / or it would be easier to track down lost changes (via backup of individual files).

Any comments?

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