> So today I have experienced more problems with shotwell. In brief:
>   a) External edits.
> When I want to edit photos with external editor, tonight Shotwell 
> started (for some images) not to create the _modified.jpg file. I
> would 
> right click a photo and select Open With External Editor. Shotwell
> would 
> then launch the editor, but the myimage_modified.jpg file would not
> be 
> created.

There (hopefully) should be some log entry to show why it fails to
create the _modified file. See below.

> If I close the editor (it had no file to work on anyway) and right
> click 
> the photo in Shotwell, the Revert to Original would be grey, as in
> no 
> external edits were made.
> I discovered that if I copy the image manually to
> myimage_modified.jpg 
> and then (via Shotwell) selected Open With External Editor, then 
> Shotwell would create myimage_modified_1.jpg and open that in the 
> external editor.
> I can then close the external editor, select Revert to Original,
> deleted 
> the myimage_modified.jpg (that I created), and then choose, Open
> With 
> External Editor, and then everything works - with
> myimage_modified.jpg.
>   b) Non-commited changes.
> I did not investigate this further right now. Honestly, these two 
> discoveries along with my parent-tag problem (different thread) just 
> made me feel tired. I am a bit scared that lots of changes in my
> photo 
> collection (9200 photos) may or may not have been lost and it will
> be 
> difficult for me to find out which (even-though I do have periodic 
> backup of my Shotwell database).

Do you have meta-data write-back enabled? Then this is probably a known
bug: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=736961

Please provide a debug log of all those things if you can reproduce
them easily.

To get the debug log, run shotwell from the console with SHOTWELL_LOG=1

and then send me the ~/.cache/shotwell/shotwell.log 
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