On 12/03/18 01:41, Jens Georg wrote:
   a) External edits.

There (hopefully) should be some log entry to show why it fails to
create the _modified file. See below.

   b) Non-commited changes.
Do you have meta-data write-back enabled? Then this is probably a known
bug: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=736961

I have had write-back enabled in the past - but not now. I disabled it a couple of weeks ago (and removed all tag-information from my photos) in an attempt to get rid of the tag-problem.

Please provide a debug log of all those things if you can reproduce
them easily.

I will send you some debug info in a pm.

One note, though, while re-compiling Shotwell (in an attempt to find time to debug Shotwell myself) I realised, that I have been switching back and forth between Shotwell versions. I have been running Shotwell from master (v 0.27, I think) for a while. Then when I upgraded my Ubuntu system, Shotwell got downgraded to v 0.26.3. And now I just upgraded to master (v 0.27.92).

Would this be a cause of my troubles? If so...
  a) stupid me.
b) Perhaps shotwell could check the database version and refuse to work on it if it detects a downgrade.

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