I have Shotwell 0.28.2 running on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver).
I have several thousand pictures in a particular location on my hard disk
which I want to manage with Shotwell. However, I've made various mistakes
while learning Shotwell, such as pointing it at the wrong location on my
disk, and I want to clean it out and start again.

I saved and deleted the database in ~/.local/share/shotwell/data and
started it up again. It immediately started auto-importing my pictures
again. How do I stop it doing that and where does it find the information
to know where to auto-import stuff from?

I want to
a) Remove the database and any configurations that might be around.
b) Start up Shotwell and set the Library location to the location of my
photos on disk.
c) Import all the photos from that same location.

It seems odd to me that Shotwell, by default, moves images from the import
location to the library. It would seem more sensible to leave the files
where they are, by default, and build the database pointing to the import
location. As it is I seem to have to trick Shotwell into leaving the images
where they are by setting the import location to the library location.
There doesn't seem to be a configuration option to stop Shotwell moving the


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