regarding your question on IRC:

set_crop is probably not a good idea because it will set the transformation in the database.

Rather get the photo, use pb = photo.get_pixbuf_with_options(Scaling.for_original())
with all transformations (scaling, rotation etc.) applied.

You can then use new Pixbuf.subpixbuf from that and the coordinates in the face description.

This is under the assumption that the coordinates in the Face are applicable to the final transformed image

I have made the first level changes to migrate from process execution
for every detect faces call, to one time execution of facedetect
process and then communicate over DBus.

The DBus interface XML is at:

I have implemented DetectFaces and Terminate methods. The next steps

1. Extract the faces detected in photos and cache them (downsizing if
needed) - maybe in $HOME/.cache/shotwell
2. Run face training on the labelled faces, with a minimum number of
faces per label (maybe 10)
3. Attempt to automatically recognise and label faces in photos after

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I was looking at the current face detection code in shotwell 0.29.2
and feel that it can be enhanced.
So I pulled the code from
https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/shotwell.git and started making some
1. Do not run another process for face detection
(shotwell-facedetect) but integrate the OpenCV calls into shotwell
and link to OpenCV libraries

This is potentially problematic as OpenCV can be compiled against Gtk2
- which will break Shotwell then and is the reason why the detection
was done in a separate process in the first place.

2. Ability to use OpenCL when available on the platform using T-API
in OpenCV 3.x
3. Eventually add face recognition on photos using a trained model
based on faces labelled by the user - this would need a few faces to
be tagged by the user before the OpenCV face recognition calls can
be used


There is also some prior work on this by the original author of
facedetect: https://github.com/Sanva/facedetect

Is there anyone else working on this area?



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