I'm running shotwell version 0.28.3, which is the current stable version, I
think.  I just bought a Canon PowerShot G9 X Mart II camera, but shotwell does
not recognize it, even though the camera shows up fine in gphoto2 and I can
copy pictures from the camera using gphoto2.

Any ideas on what is going on?  Is there any way to debug the problem?


idefix pics> shotwell --version
Shotwell 0.28.3 (cacc8bd5415d978f2eb64f215e4be696290c6edc)
idefix pics> gphoto2 --summary
Camera summary:
Manufacturer: Canon Inc.
Model: Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II
  Version: 1-
  Serial Number: 87C481C24F410A773D82A0BFEC39AAD1
Vendor Extension ID: 0xb (1.0)

Capture Formats: JPEG
Display Formats: Association/Directory, Script, DPOF, MS Wave, JPEG, Defined
Type, Unknown(b103), Unknown(b982), Unknown(b105), Unknown(bf01)

Device Capabilities:
    File Download, File Deletion, File Upload
    No Image Capture, No Open Capture, Canon EOS Capture 2
    Canon Wifi support

Storage Devices Summary:
    StorageDescription: SD
    VolumeLabel: None
    Storage Type: Removable RAM (memory card)
    Filesystemtype: Digital Camera Layout (DCIM)
    Access Capability: Read-Write
    Maximum Capability: 31155322880 (29712 MB)
    Free Space (Bytes): 30773510144 (29347 MB)
    Free Space (Images): -1

Device Property Summary:
Event Emulate Mode(0xd045):(readwrite) (type=0x4) Enumeration [1,2,3,4,5,6,7]
value: 2
Property 0xd04a:(readwrite) (type=0x2) Enumeration [0,1,2,3] value: 0
Size of Output Data from Camera(0xd02e):(read only) (type=0x6) 524288
Size of Input Data to Camera(0xd02f):(read only) (type=0x6) 524288
Battery Level(0x5001):(read only) (type=0x2) Enumeration [0,1,2,3] value: 3% (3)
Battery Type(0xd002):(read only) (type=0x4) Enumeration [0,1,2,3,4,5] value:
Unknown (0)
Battery Mode(0xd003):(read only) (type=0x6) Enumeration [0,1,2,3] value:
Normal (1)
UNIX Time(0xd034):(readwrite) (type=0x6) 1531223532
Type of Slideshow(0xd047):(read only) (type=0x4) 0
DPOF Version(0xd046):(read only) (type=0x4) 257
Remote API Version(0xd030):(read only) (type=0x6) 256
Model ID(0xd049):(read only) (type=0x6) 68157440
Camera Model(0xd032):(read only) (type=0xffff) 'Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II'
Camera Owner(0xd033):(readwrite) (type=0x4002) a[0]
Firmware Version(0xd031):(read only) (type=0x6) 16777216
Property 0xd050:(read only) (type=0x2) 0
Property 0xd051:(read only) (type=0x0) Undefined
Property 0xd052:(read only) (type=0x2) 0
Property 0xd053:(readwrite) (type=0x4002) a[0]
Property 0xd054:(readwrite) (type=0x4002) a[0]
Property 0xd057:(read only) (type=0xffff) '512051002647'
Property 0xd402:(read only) (type=0xffff) 'Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II'
Property 0xd406:(readwrite) (type=0xffff) 'Windows'
Property 0xd407:(read only) (type=0x6) 1
Property 0xd303:(read only) (type=0x2) 1

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