As mentioned in my recent posts, I am working on better integration of face 
detection (via DBus) and add face recognition as the next step. The DBus 
connection cleanup is mostly done in my fork: 
https://gitlab.gnome.org/nma83/shotwell/commits/wip/faces.In order to get to 
face recognition, I would like to use the OpenFace method described here: 
https://cmusatyalab.github.io/openface/It involves running the extracted face 
image (already available from detection) through a DNN to get a 128 element 
vector which supposedly represents the face. This vector needs to be stored 
(say in FaceTable) per face. Face recognition can be performed by transforming 
the face to be recognized to a similar vector and correlating via dot-product 
with each stored face's vector. The one with the highest dot product is the 
most likely match.To do this, a DNN model is needed which is open-source under 
Apache 2.0. https://storage.cmusatyalab.org/openface-models/nn4.small2.v1.t7 - 
31MB size
How could we add this model as part of the shotwell package? Or create another 
package which can be an optional dependency.
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