So do we now create 2 packages out of the shotwell tree? How would the
facedetect package be published to various distributions?
And should the facedetect binary become a service which can be
launched by shotwell, or maybe by the OS?

You should not care about this at all. Either me (for flatpak) or
whoever is responsible for the distribution packages.

Being D-Bus (and running on the public busses) automatic launching comes
for free with D-Bus activation, given the D-Bus service files are
installed properly. But we can do that in a second step.

The more problematic thing I see here is that I would not like to
force everyone to download 31Mb of data for a feature they are probably
not even using

The other issue is that I have a vague memory of Apache + GPL being a bit
of a problem. So probably the face detect binary might have to go into a
separate, differently licensed package that uses D-Bus for "license isolation"

Let me have a look at the code first, though.
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