Jens Georg <> writes:

 | Am 2019-01-28 17:27, schrieb Ulf Rehmann:
>> Hi, I am still using version 0.23.2 because I did compile it with geo
>> tags support, which still works smoothly.
>> What is the state of geo tags support with the recent version 0.30.1?
>> Can it still be upgraded? If so, how?
 | Do you mean the map support?

Yes. What I have uses map support from OSM.

 |                                I have forgotten to rebase the branch 
 | again, but it did work against a 0.29 development release.
 | I can rebase that to work on top of 0.30 later today.

That would be great!!

 | (

Thanks for your quick replay, Jens!
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