That's an indication that the thumbnailer is running in the background.

On Mo, Jun 17, 2019 at 11:23 PM, Dougie Nisbet <> wrote:
On 17/06/2019 01:11, Cliff Pratt wrote:
Don't background it. If you still want to see the log, tail it in a different term. Look in /var/log (possibly syslog) for any error messages. See if there is still a process for Shotwell running after a freeze. Pure guess, if you haven't got enough memory it may be the OOM killer in action.

I suspect it *is* busy. It's happened again. shotwell running in foreground. No diagnostics in logs file, terminal, or syslog.

According to System Monitor it definitely looks to be doing a lot. Memory: 1.8GB (16GB PC) 100%CPU. I'd selected about a dozen images to tag (Ctrl-T), and it was looking promising, and now just hanging. But I'm pretty sure it isn't.

From the terminal window:

L 1440 2019-06-17 22:02:16 [DBG] VideoSupport.vala:93: Skipping Club handicap - Apr 2012 - Multi-Terrain - club handicap (+) -- Wed 18 Apr 2012 19-43-06 BST.jpg15941, unsupported mime type application/octet-stream L 1440 2019-06-17 22:11:37 [DBG] VideoSupport.vala:93: Skipping FRA-Category-BM - Fell Race - Guisborough Woods - Guisborough Woods - 2011 -- Tue 27 Dec 2011 14-19-40 GMT.jpg15941, unsupported mime type application/octet-stream

10 minutes apart. And unrelated to anything I was doing in the program.

I'll leave it overnight and see what happens.


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