Shotwell stores its settings in dconf. You can use e.g. the
dconf-editor, navigate to and change the
setting back to true, and the dialog will be shown again on next
startup (and an import run will be started, at least in my testing).


Am Fr., 19. Juli 2019 um 11:07 Uhr schrieb Arlen <>:
> I am setting up a computer running Linux Mint 19.1 for a newbie user. I
> would like to restore the "Welcome to Shotwell"  dialog to Shotwell
> 0.28.4. I had closed the welcome window without unchecking "Don't show
> this again".
> I cannot find anything in Preferences. I even tried a Timeshift restore
> to go back to a system snapshot where Shotwell had not yet been opened.
> That did not work either.
> I am missing something. Google yields nothing.
> Please advise as to how I can restore the "Welcome to Shotwell" dialog.
> Thank you,
> Arlen
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