I've already sent this mail in om-community list weeks ago about some
notifier improvements I've done, but I didn't receive any feedback,
that's why I'm reposting it here.

Pietro "m0nt0" Montorfano wrote:
> Hi, bored loosing some calls and always need to periodically check
> pyphenlog i wrote a really simple apps that warn me if one or more call
> are lost.

Few days ago after that Pietro posted this app I hacked around its code
adding two main functionalities I needed:
 1) Vibrating/Sound [following the preferences] notifications every X
    seconds (120 by default) if the phone is waked-up [1]
 2) Vibrating/Sound [following the preferences] notifications every X
    minutes (15 by default) if the phone is sleeping [2].

While the first one is quite easy to add (It only needed an ecore timer)
the second one uses a workaround and ATD to work.
I've explained a little how it works in my commit at [2], but basically
it adds a new rtc-timer every 15 seconds and if the phone has been
resumed by ATD and if there's a notification to perform, then it plays a
vibration/sound and suspends again.

I've waited some days to post this on the list, because I wanted to test
it better, however I figure that the only way to fix the known issues of
the (2) feature (again, see [2]) is to patch the kernel to save in a
sysfile the latest resume time.

I've made this only as a proof-of-concept since I wanted this to be
implemented in the FSO correctly; I figure that this is the only way to
perform such notifications when the phone is suspended.

Any feedback? Please post :P

PS: To get the latest version of the script, look here [3].

[1] http://dev.3v1n0.net/gitweb/?p=shr-notifier.git;a=commit;h=42cd96
[2] http://dev.3v1n0.net/gitweb/?p=shr-notifier.git;a=commit;h=76ef4c695

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