Hi all.

I've implemented drag-scrolling on my Freerunner (drag on the touchscreen to
generate scrolling, instead of dragging events). It works well for me, but
I'd like others to try it before I send the patches upstream.

With my patches, scroll events are generated by pressing on the touchscreen,
and dragging in the desired scroll direction. Dragging can still happen, by
pressing the touchscreen, and not moving the finger for a short time (200ms
currently). This is useful for selecting text, for example.

This makes applications not specifically designed for touchscreen devices
work much better, since scrolling can happen by touching the screen
anywhere, not just on the scrollbars at the edges of the windows. Apps
designed for touchscreen devices (like illume and anything built with
elementary) don't work as well, since some of the scrolling functionality
is implemented at a higher level, and potentially conflicts with the new

I have patched the Xglamo touchscreen mouse driver, and the most important
SHR app that requires dragging: the Illume keyboard. Let me know if these
patches work for you.

The patches themselves, the bitbake recipes with the patches added and the
packages are at


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