I have read the siesta-2.0.2 manual, and I wonder the ProjectedDensityOfStates. 
The manual said that The block must be a single line with the energies of the 
range for PDOS projection, (relative to the program's zero, i.e. the same as 
the eigenvalues printed by the program), the peak width (an energy) for 
broadening the eigen-
values, the number of points in the energy window, and the energy units. An 
example is:
%block ProjectedDensityOfStates
-20.00 10.00 0.200 500 eV
%endblock ProjectedDensityOfStates
I wonder "relative to the program's zero," what it means? it means that the  
density of states is relative to fermi energy and "-20.00" is relative to the 
fermi energy or "-20.00" is an absolute value and I have to minus the fermi 
energy by myself when I plot the density of states ?

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