The manual for siesta is pretty clear on how to start it, I think you are
confused because it explains how to install siesta on Linux. So cmd prompt
in windows will not work because it has different commands. Maybe
downloading a unix commander will help. You can download one from

And then just follow the manual. It explains you how to do a water molecule
example and has all the files ready for the procedure.
Good luck


On Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 10:50 AM, Andrew A <> wrote:

> Hi all!
>  Please, help me compile at least any file. I never work with Fortran or
> stuff like this. I try to start SIESTA in Windows Vista (intel CPU). I
> downloaded the Silverfrost F95 (Plato) and try to open any code like
> "configure" file and then run but it doesn't work. I don't understand HOW to
> configure (for example) the program. In manual it's not too obviously
> written - not from the beginning. What should I do first? Open cmd? And
> write there what? "./configure"? What compiler should I use? I didn't find
> any compiles that would run in windows.
>  I hope when I do these first steps then I will me advancing very fast, but
> now it's too hard for me to figure out what to do in the very beginning.
>  Thanks in advance!
>  Andrew

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