> Dear all,
>       when i compiling the rho2xsf.f , there are somr error notes:
> rho2xsf.f(160): (col. 15) remark: LOOP WAS VECTORIZED.
> /tmp/ifortiXeCLr.o: In function `MAIN__':
> rho2xsf.f:(.text+0x753): undefined reference to `test_xv_'
> rho2xsf.f:(.text+0xb53): undefined reference to `read_xv_'
> rho2xsf.f:(.text+0xb68): undefined reference to `inver3_'
> rho2xsf.f:(.text+0xb9e): undefined reference to `makebox_'
> rho2xsf.f:(.text+0xbaf): undefined reference to `inver3_'
> rho2xsf.f:(.text+0xc3a): undefined reference to `fillbox_'
> rho2xsf.f:(.text+0x2244): undefined reference to `intpl04_'
> But I can run the siesta very well in the systems.
> my system is ubuntu 9.04 desktop amd64, the compiler is ifort,  Would you
> please help me?
> Best Regards
> wei

Dear Wei:
it seems that you tried to compile rho2xsf as a standalone code,
and there are so many unsatisfied links to subroutines which are
provided along with the main code.
You should better
compile it using "make" (after changing the compiler options
in Makefile if necessary)

Check if you get an updated version from
-> Sies2xsf
(it has not been actualized since long, but the version
provided along with the Siesta distribution is really very old).

Best regards

Andrei Postnikov

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