hi... i am trying to run the ae.sh script to see the DATA files..but i get
following error....

siesta-2.0.2/Pseudo/atom/Tutorial/All_electron # sh ../ae.sh si.ae.inp
*../ae.sh: line 32: ../../../atm: No such file or directory*
==> Output data in directory si.ae
siesta-2.0.2/Pseudo/atom/Tutorial/All_electron # ls
ba.gs.inp      fe_spin.ae.inp  n_hund.ae.inp    si+3.ae.inp  si.ae.inp
Example.guide  f_hund.ae.inp   pb_relat.ae.inp  *si.ae*
siesta-2.0.2/Pseudo/atom/Tutorial/All_electron # cd si.ae/
siesta-2.0.2/Pseudo/atom/Tutorial/All_electron/si.ae # ls
ae.gplot  ae.gps  charge.gplot  charge.gps  INP  vcharge.gplot  vcharge.gps
vspin.gplot  vspin.gps

Please tell me how to sort it out. thank you

Sonu kumar

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