I'm no expert either, but according to the web, gfortran already has
 those functions built in.
 So, an easy workarround is: edit f2kcli.F90 and right after the
 "MODULE F2KCLI" statement type " #define GFORTRAN " (which means
 do not compile the module at all).

 After this you'll get denchar executable, hopefully it will also do
 its job (didn't try by myself).

 Good luck,


On Tue, 28 Jul 2009, ?????? ????? wrote:

Dear Siesta users,

in page http://fisica.ehu.es/ag/siesta-extra/release.notes_2.0.2

there is stntence <To support gfortran, the f2kcli.F90 program has been

But when somebody try to compile denchar with gfortran
immediatly receives an error

/home/zhachuk/siesta-2.0.1/Src/f2kcli.F90:212: undefined reference to `getarg_'
f2kcli.o: In function `__f2kcli__command_argument_count':
/home/zhachuk/siesta-2.0.1/Src/f2kcli.F90:122: undefined reference to `iargc_'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [denchar] Error 1

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