Dear transiesta users,
I calculated atomic current and current direction of each atom, using the
sisl utility and following commands:

J_orb = av.orbital_current('Left', E=-0.8, isc=[None] * 3)

J_a = av.atom_current_from_orbital(J_orb, activity=False)

J_v = av.vector_current_from_orbital(J_orb)

 I found the J_a  and J_v values as bellow:

J_a: 0 0 ... 0 (for the atoms in electrode region)  0.1455126   0.08892606

J_v: [  0.00000000e+00   0.00000000e+00   0.00000000e+00]    : electrode



   [  0.00000000e+00   0.00000000e+00   0.00000000e+00]

 [  1.69907046e-03  -7.28812162e-03  -6.12972018e-02]    :first atom of
scattering region

 [  2.56590752e-03  -4.36312178e-02  -4.17424330e-02]

My problem is that the size of current vector of each atom is not equal to
the total current of that atom.

for example: [ (1.69907046e-03)^2+ (-7.28812162e-03)^2+(-6.12972018e-02)^2]^0.5
=/  0.1455126

I really appreciate your help in advance.



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