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I use SIESTA 4.1.5 and the associated TS and TBT. TBtrans was compiled following the instructions in the TBtrans manual, using NETCDF-4 and MKL libs.

I want to calculate the eigen channels for the transmission matrix for a spin-polarized system. For that purpose we have set the following flags in the TBT input:

TBT.Verbosity 8
TBT.T.Bulk true
TBT.T.All true
TBT.T.Eig  true
TBT.T.Eig 5
TBT.T.Out true
TBT.Symmetry.TimeReversal F
TBT.Current.Orb  true

But the TBT calculation does not provide the files


Is the information in these files listed only in the  netcdf format (*.nc files) ?

Thank you for your help,
Dr. Neculai Plugaru
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