Hi, those are routines from the BLAS library, seems you're missing it.
Check your arch.make file.

On 22/06/2022 18:14, Ghazanfari, Sarah wrote:
Hello all,

I am trying to compile siesta in parallel version; however, I face the following errors. I greatly appreciate it if someone can help me.

denmat.o: In function `m_denmat_mp_denmat_':
denmat.F:(.text+0x1f01): undefined reference to `dscal_'
denmat.F:(.text+0x1f22): undefined reference to `dscal_'
dhscf.o: In function `m_dhscf_mp_dhscf_':
dhscf.F:(.text+0x4891): undefined reference to `ddot_'
dhscf.F:(.text+0x48c3): undefined reference to `ddot_'
dhscf.F:(.text+0x4953): undefined reference to `ddot_'

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