Dear SIESTA community,

We invite applications for a fully-funded position to work towards a dual PhD 
to be awarded by the Autonomous University of Barcelona and RMIT University. 
The PhD student will be primarily based at ICN2 
(<>) in Barcelona (Spain) under the supervision 
of Prof. Pablo Ordejon, and secondarily at RMIT in Melbourne (Australia) under 
the supervision of Prof. Ivan Cole.

Candidates can choose among one of these three projects, which will involve 
developments and use of the SIESTA code:

  1.  Bridging time and length scales for simulation of corrosion
  2.  First-principles modeling of electrochemical processes
  3.  Computational design of environmentally clean and non-toxic corrosion 

More details on the PhD project can be found here:

The PhD position will be funded by the REDI programme, a EU-COFUND grant with 
excellent salary and conditions. More details on REDI can be found here:
SIESTA is supported by the Spanish Research Agency (AEI) and by the European 
H2020 MaX Centre of Excellence (

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