Dear Rajesh,

For your first question, I think if you plot the wavefunction from 
SystemLabel.bands.WFSX, then the answer is yes. The program Denchar plot the 
wavefunctions of selected bands (controlled by options: WFS.Write.For.Bands, 
WFS.Band.Min, WFS.Band.Max) for all the k points that you specify in %block 
BandLines. In the SystemLabel.bands file there is same number of k points. 

Of course you can reduce the number of k points by using %block 
WaveFuncKPoints. Then you use denchar and plot the data from 
SystemLabel.selected.WFSX (cp SystemLabel.selected.WFSX SystemLabel.WFSX). I 
don't think this option will affect the charge density in SystemLabel.RHO file. 

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Fanmiao Kong
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Subject: [SIESTA-L] number of k-points in denchar

Dear Siesta members and expert users,
I am computing electron density using Denchar and it says "Generating values of 
wavefunction on the grid for k-point ##" Is this number of k-points same as 
written in SystemLabel.bands file? Is it the number given in %block BandLines?
What if I calculate for some selected bandlines to reduce this k-point number 
using SystemLable.selected.WFSX, will it give me the complete charge density?
Your help and suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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