Hello all,


I'm trying to compile a parallel version of siesta 4.1.5 with Intel compiler
and MKL library, my system architecture is Intel Xeon CPU with Ubuntu 18.04
LTS os.


I created my own arch.make file and run the "make -j30 | tee make.log", and
got the siesta executable in Obj/ directory without errors. Run it via the
direct command "siesta" and it would start normally, but it cannot accept
any actual .fdf file. When I tried "make | tee test.log" in Obj/Tests/, it
fails on the first test.

(P.S. the MKL links are generated by Intel MKL Link Line Advisor)


Could anyone help me with this? I've attached my arch.make file, make.log
file and test.log file.




Li Jian

Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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