Dear Siesta users and developers.

I am running calculations of the same structure with different spin
orientations. Since I am performing spin-orbit calculations with DFT+U,
they can take a decent amount of time to converge. Hence, I was trying to
use the .DM file of one of the calculations to start the others; however,
the DM.InitSpin block information is overridden and the calculation starts
using the same spin orientation from the converged .DM file. This even
happens when using a .DM file from a non-polarized calculation, which gives
a starting magnetization of 0.0. Is it possible to use the information of a
.DM file and start with a given spin orientation simultaneously? If this is
not possible, what else could I do to improve the convergence? I appreciate
any help you can provide.

Best Regards,
Andres Tellez.
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