Dear policy sig colleagues,

I got a clarification question from APNIC secretariat about waiting
list management.
Let me share my answer for that question.

Currently, we still have IPv4 addresses available in the 103/8 pool,
so when NEW members
apply for IPv4 delegation, they always first receive from the 103/8
pool, before they receive
delegation from the non-103/8 pool. However, after the 103/8 pool
exhaustion, it is possible
there are IPv4 addresses available in the non-103/8 but not in 103/8 pool.

In this case, should new members be able to first receive delegations
from the non-103/8 pool without wait listed for 103/8 pool?

With my current proposal, approved new member requests up to /22 will
be placed on
103/8 pool waiting list and approved addition amount (maximum /22)
will be placed on
 non-103/8 pool waiting list.

If there are other questions or comments, please let me know.

Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,
Tomohiro Fujisaki
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