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Version 1 of prop-123: Modify 103/8 IPv4 transfer policy, did not reach 
consensus at the APNIC 45 Open Policy Meeting.

The Policy SIG Chairs returned the proposal to the author for further
consideration and invited him to submit an amended version based on the
community's feedback.

Proposal details, including the full text of the proposal, history, and
links to previous versions are available at: 


Sumon, Bertrand, Ching-Heng
Policy SIG Chairs 


prop-123-v001: Modify 103/8 IPv4 transfer policy


Proposer:        Alex Yang

1. Problem statement

Policy Proposal prop-116-v006: Prohibit to transfer IPv4 addresses in
the final /8 block reached consensus at the APNIC 44 AMM on 14 Sep
2017. Since that APNIC has stopped all the IPv4 transfers from 103/8
block if the delegation date is less than 5 years.

However, some of the 103/8 ranges were delegated before 14 Sep 2017.
Those resources should not be subjected to 5 years restriction. The
community was not aware of the restriction when they received those
resources, some of the resources have been transferred or planning to
transfer. If APNIC is not allow those transfers to be registered,
there will be underground transfers. This will cause incorrect APNIC
Whois data.

2. Objective of policy change

To keep the APNIC Whois data correct.

3. Situation in other regions

No such situation in other regions.

4. Proposed policy solution

“Prohibit transfer IPv4 addresses under final /8 address block (103/8)
which have not passed five years after its allocation/assignment”
should only apply to those ranges were delegated from APNIC since 14
Sep 2017.

5. Advantages / Disadvantages


- Allow APNIC to register those 103/8 transfers to keep the APNIC
 Whois data correct.



6. Impact on resource holders

Resource holders are allowed to transfer 103/8 ranges if the resources
were delegated before 14 Sep 2017.

7. References

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