Final editorial comments on draft policy document

APNIC seeks final editorial comments on the following draft changes to 
the APNIC Internet Number Resource Policies document.

The document has been updated to implement two policy proposals reaching
consensus at APNIC 46 and APNIC 47.

The proposals are:
     - prop-125: Validation of “abuse-mailbox” and other IRT emails

     - prop-127: Change maximum delegation size of 103/8 IPv4 address 
pool to a /23

Nature of the document review
This is an editorial review only. Consensus has already been reached on
these policy changes.

Therefore, during the comment period, interested parties may:
     - Object to the wording provided by the Secretariat
     - Suggest improvements to any aspect of the document
     - Request that an additional call for comment be made if substantial
       revisions are required

To view the draft document, please see:


Implementation date
prop-125: Scheduled for June 2019.
prop-127: Implemented immediately.

Deadline for comments
Your comments are requested before 07 May 2019.
Please send your comments to: policy at apnic dot net

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Senior Advisor - Policy and Community Development

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