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using this code...i m getting only 7 days tweets from the #india...i want to 
get atleast six month tweets from the hashtag..
i m trying to get the tweets from particular hashtag and write it into the me to get atleast six month tweets from the hashtag india  

    FileWriter fw=null;

     BufferedWriter bw=null;

      fw=new FileWriter("D:\\india.txt");

     bw=new BufferedWriter(fw);

    ConfigurationBuilder cb = new ConfigurationBuilder();






       Twitter twitter = new TwitterFactory(;

        Query query = new Query("#india");

      long lastID = Long.MAX_VALUE;

        ArrayList<Status> tweets = new ArrayList<Status>();


     try {

      QueryResult result =;


     System.out.println("Gathered " + tweets.size() + " tweets");
    for (Status t: tweets) 

      if(t.getId() < lastID) 

          lastID = t.getId();


       for (int i = 0; i < tweets.size(); i++) {
  Status t = (Status) tweets.get(i);

        String user = t.getUser().getScreenName();

       String msg = t.getText();

        Date date =t.getCreatedAt();

 bw.write("\n"+i+".USER"+"\n"+"DATE  -  "+date+"\n"+"USER"   
   +user+"\t"+" wrote"+"\n"+"MSG   -  "+t.getText()+"\n"+"="); 

    } catch (TwitterException te) {


        System.out.println("Failed to get timeline: " + te.getMessage());


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