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Danke RaimMan ;)

Now sikuli has a problem with this line:

20    if Screen(1).exists(Pattern("rewards.png").similar(0.90)):click()
21        Screen(1).wait("rewards2.png", 6):click()

Error msg:
[error] script [ dd always restart ] stopped with error in line 21 at column 8
[error] SyntaxError ( "mismatched input '' expecting DEDENT", )

Everything is alright with the length of the tabs but I can't find the

How do I implement "setWaitScanRate(rate)" in my code? Does including "simular" 
cost more CPU?
Here's what I have so far:

Settings.MoveMouseDelay = 0.1
running = True

def runHotkey(event):
    global running
    running = False
Env.addHotkey(Key.F1, KeyModifier.CTRL, runHotkey)

while running:
    if Region(2927,567,639,340).exists("image1.png", 0):click()
    if exists(image2.png):click()
    if Region(3037,617,584,324).exists(Pattern("image3.png").similar(0.95), 
    if Screen(1).exists("choosehero.png"):
           //old code, will change it after posting this
    if Screen(1).exists(Pattern("rewards.png").similar(0.90)):click()
        Screen(1).wait("rewards2.png", 6):click()

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