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RaiMan proposed the following answer:
An OO approach does not depend on SikuliX, but only on the used language
(Python in this case) and your implementation concept.

... but I cannot see any OO concept, just the ide, to use a function
from some other imported script.

detailed comments:

# usually not OO, but simply procedural (workflow)

import shutil
#from geraCPF import geraCPF 
import geraCPF # just so

#class main(): # does not makes sense and the implementation is not

myApp = App("Chrome")"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Google\\Chrome\\Application\\chrome.exe")
while not exists("1520001990649.png"):
   observe() # not sure, what this should do??? 
type(geraCPF.cpf_funcional_func()) # the function returns str() anyway
# you have to say module.function()
#exit() # not needed
- - -
import random
def cpf_funcional_func():
          n = [random.randrange(10) for i in xrange(9)]
          s = sum(x * y for x, y in zip(n, range(10, 1, -1)))
          d1 = 11 - s % 11
          if d1 >= 10:
              d1 = 0
          s = sum(x * y for x, y in zip(n, range(11, 1, -1)))
          d2 = 11 - s % 11
          if d2 >= 10:
              d2 = 0
          return "%d%d%d%d%d%d%d%d%d%d%d" % tuple(n)

I think, you have to step back, to rethink your concept.

Until now I cannot see any need to think in OO, it is just procedural
with using functions.

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