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Finn Ellis gave more information on the question:
Yep, it's pretty simple:

var java = require('java');


var screen = java.newInstanceSync('org.sikuli.script.Screen');

All it's doing is importing the node-java bridge, adding the sikulix jar to the 
classpath (and the debug option), and then trying to instantiate a Screen (or 
any Sikuli class that I've tried). The mystery app pops up when I instantiate 
the class, and nothing ever prints -- not even debug output from Sikuli, 
weirdly enough.

If I add this line, next to the other option:


then the script does finish successfully, but it outputs (from the
console.log line):

nodeJava_org_sikuli_script_Screen { h: 1, w: 1, y: 0, x: 0 }

which of course isn't my real screen size. :) Even in this case, though,
there's no debug output from Sikuli, which makes me wonder if it's
getting eaten by node-java.

I posted an issue with node-java as well, in case it's helpful to see
screenshots of what I'm seeing:

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