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Sikuli X 1.1.2 March Nightly (same effect with 1.1.1 Stable)
Windows 10 Creators Fall update with all latest patches installed

i  have my automation script that has always worked. even after updating to 
Windows 10 Creators update it still worked but out of now here now it no longer 
works the same way.

at the top of my main Unit i define my App instance:

timeslip = App(os.path.join(r"C:\tssmoketest", Settings.Version, 

then later I call it:

it works the first time which i close either with:

timeslip.close() or another method I created called TSAppClose() which is just:

def TSAppClose():
    type(Key.F4, KeyModifier.ALT)
    wait(IMG_timeslips_exit_dialog_popup, 30)
    type('y', KeyModifier.ALT)
    if exists(IMG_Win10BackupCurrentDBonExit):
        type('n', KeyModifier.ALT)

either one works fine. timeslip.close() kills the process and TSAppClose() 
gracerfully closes my app correctly with the UI which cleans up any threads 
that are running which killing the main process does not.

back to my issue.

if i do this:
timeslip = App(os.path.join(r"C:\tssmoketest", Settings.Version, 

i get:

[error] failed: C:\tssmoketest\2019\timeslip.exe not found

the only way i can get around it is by doing this:

timeslip = App(os.path.join(r"C:\tssmoketest", Settings.Version, 

timeslip = App(os.path.join(r"C:\tssmoketest", Settings.Version, 

any idea what i have to define my app instance every time I call it instead of 
just being able to define it once and call it multiple times?

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