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My code:

import os
import shutil
import unittest
import time
import sys
import HTMLTestRunner

click (image) # whith the name: fone.png

from uuid import uuid4
folder_name = str(uuid4())
with open("c:/CEx3 - 
ImagemCartao\SKL3.sikuli/teste.txt".format(fn=folder_name),'wb') as f:

But the Sikuli show-me the error: [error] Error caused by: Traceback
(most recent call last): File "C:\CEx3 -
ImagemCartao\SKL3.sikuli\", line 42, in <module>
f.write(image_to_string(img1)) NameError: name 'image_to_string' is not

The sikuli created the file : teste.txt but is clear!.

Thank's for all

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