Hey Guys

I am in the early stages of setting up a SaaS company with 2 other 
partners. The dilemma I face is all too common, what should the split be? 
We haven't started selling the product yet, however we need to address this 
upfront now as you know.

Summary of the role of the 3 founders and the level of involvement:

Founder 1: CEO - owner of the idea, and will be responsible for day-to-day, 
pitching, bus-dev etc 

Founder 2: Tech Director (CTO) who will manage the development requirements 
(time is scarce as working FT elsewhere)

Founder 3: Director - who will bring the network of contacts and has 
founded another creative agency (time is scarce as working on multiple 
other projects)

Question 1: Should costs for development and design of the website be split 
even through the other two partners are taking a chunk of equity each? As 
opposed to startup expenses being invested by each party i.e. development 
costs / design costs to be earn their equity stake.

Question 2. With respect to sweat involvement or grunt a flexible structure 
is needed where the amount vested can be adjusted over time.

How do I approach this?


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