On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 1:12 AM Sidin Vadukut <sidin.vadu...@gmail.com>

Incidentally, and do excuse this unsolicited advertising, I've started work
on a podcast history of the Indian constitution as well. This is a
non-hardcore history meant to be interesting to curious amateurs like me.
I'd be thrilled if some of you listened and passed on feedback. (

Hey Sidin,

It's been so long since the last episode landed that I wanted to re-listen
to all episodes of this podcast from the beginning. But I am unable to find
episodes 1-5 anywhere (the itunes feed, the soundcloud listing, etc. all
seems to begin with episode 6). I could swear I listened to those missing
episodes when I last listened to the podcast about a couple of years ago.

Anyway I can get all the episodes?

Also, if it is a pecuniary constrains that prevent the making of more
episodes, I would be more than happy to chip in on a kickstarter or
gofundme campaign. If it is time constrains, I am afraid I running low on
chronotons myself.


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