Deeply appreciative of the discussion going on here at present, the muck
in science and in religion being called out. Haven't read Srini
RamaKrishnan's post "Building a better world" yet.

Maybe it isn't a very great time for me to open my mouth, because I am
feeling so deeply immersed in beauty and grace right now (not due to these
posts, but independent of it), that anything I read seems beautiful to me
-- and such kind of effusive expression does not have place in logical
deliberation, I am aware. But I just want to say I have been in love with
science since I was child, but pretty soon became aware of how it has
trapped itself in its very definition and demand of being objective.
However, however much an entity (a school of thought or any kind of entity
-- be it science, or any religion, or any individual, race, country
whatever) may bind itself in any kind of limitation, truth and beauty does
find a way to emerge. That limitation that the entity imposes on itself,
itself becomes its strength.

This, the present moment, on a global scale, is a very fertile time. All
that is erupting is only taking us towards that -- truth and beauty.


Vani Murarka

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