To the Grand unified mind fear/hate and love are both equal, no?

If we are only speaking of the human experience then humans at present have
vastly greater capacity to fear than love. That is not to say they don't
have the capacity to evolve, but right now it's not yet there.

Unless there's an evolution of the nervous system (1) to reach higher
planes of consciousness, fear will rule the world. This evolution can at
the moment only happen at the individual level.

Asuras and Devas are both part of the grand cosmic truth. There's no cosmic
dance of life without light and darkness.

(1) This is gone into detail in the Kundalini literature of India, but it's
easily seen in little children and the very elderly, fear and ego strikes
them harder due to a weak nervous system and frailty.

On Mon, Apr 9, 2018, 2:12 PM Vani Murarka <> wrote:

> I got a bit bored of all the fear-based articles on AI doing the rounds on
> all kinds of media. So if nothing else, at least to keep things a bit
> balanced -- an article I posted on my blog today --
> *Artificial Intelligence: A Testament To Our Beauty*
> Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not artificial. Nothing in this universe
> can be artificial.
> AI has not been created by human beings alone. It is a natural expression
> of the Grand Universal Mind, just as human beings are a natural (and
> beautiful) expression of the Grand Universal Mind.
> The human beings working in the field of AI are working in partnership with
> the Grand Universal Mind — whether they know it or not. Just as we are. In
> whatever activity we may be engaged in, we perform that activity in
> partnership with the Grand Universal Mind — whether we know it or not.
> It is not possible for me to move this pen on paper as I write this,
> without the partnership of the Grand Universal Mind. This is not about
> religiosity or spirituality. This is plain fact. If we go deeper and deeper
> into understanding how this pen is moving on this paper, we will know —
> this is just plain fact.
> AI is not on the path to create a totalitarian dictatorship. No
> monopolistic corporation is conspiring to usurp our individual power. AI is
> a dance of joy, wonder, and child-like fascination — let us do this and see
> what happens.
> And yes, AI is powerful. That is but natural. We are powerful. The Grand
> Universal Mind that we create in partnership with, is powerful. So it is
> but natural that what we create is powerful. And when we create out of
> fascination, wonder, and child-like curiosity, not just individually but
> together, what we create is far, far more powerful.
> Yes, businesses can use AI to increase profits — but businesses, whether
> they know it or not, are not about profit. Businesses are about serving
> society — also known as love. Universal love.
> And HR can use AI to maximize employee retention and compliance, but HR,
> whether it knows it or not, is not about maximizing retention and
> compliance. HR is about serving, loving and empathising with are partners,
> also known as employees. HR is about serving and loving our self. HR is
> about love. Universal love.
> And social media can use AI to maximize engagement and keep people on their
> apps and websites, but social media, whether it knows it or not, is not
> about maximizing engagement. It is about connection, also known as love.
> Universal love.
> We have the power to choose. Question is, what will we choose? Fear of our
> own power, or love for the power that has been gifted to us?
> Fear binds. Love frees.
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