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> > Asuras and Devas are both part of the grand cosmic truth. There's
> > no cosmic
> > dance of life without light and darkness.
> Along those lines, there's "The Master and Margarita"[0], in which
> one of the few Asuras to have his own Rolling Stones song says:
> > What would your good do if evil didn't exist, and what would the
> > earth look like if all the shadows disappeared? After all, shadows
> > are cast by things and people. Here is the shadow of my sword. But
> > shadows also come from trees and living beings. Do you want to
> > strip the earth of all trees and living things just because of your
> > fantasy of enjoying naked light?

That's beautiful. :-)

It's definitely an old idea, and something that one realises along the way
to understanding reality.

However it's not a capstone reality. Reality is, in my experience, an
infinite layered cabbage, the more layers you remove the more there are.

Even the Buddha cannot know the depth of the mind says one Buddhist sutra.


Prajñāpāramitā Hṛdaya sūtra: « There is no suffering, no cause of
suffering, no end to suffering, no path to follow »

Seemingly in contradiction to the first Noble truth.

Where beauty is, then there is ugliness;
where right is, also there is wrong.
Knowledge and ignorance are interdependent;
delusion and enlightenment condition each other.
Since olden times it has been so.
How could it be otherwise now?
Wanting to get rid of one and grab the other
is merely realizing a scene of stupidity.
Even if you speak of the wonder of it all,
how do you deal with each thing changing?

-Ryokan Taigu

All the same, knowing that reality is undifferentiated, we chase the path
of light because humans best function as beings of light.

A catfish knows land and water, but it can't live without water, though
water exists atop land. So too the human, who can live in darkness, but
can't thrive for too long there. Reality's dice roll is weighted in favor
of virtue rather than sin, it's life's preservation algorithm.

The Devi Bhagavatam proclaims

The Gods get their powers from drinking the nectar of devotion, the rishis
get their powers from performing Tapasya, and the asuras get their powers
from wearing stones or amulets. We don't want ashuric powers. What we want
has nothing to do with the outside. We want changes to take place on the

Anyway, reality :: cabbage is a nice image of the infiniteness of truth.

Thank you Vani for bringing the spiritual element to the list.


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