Well, you might be able to get rid of cronic Lyme with nothing but CS if you take it for 5 years. I was talking about a cure that takes nor more than a few weeks, and in that case you don't wait years for them to come out of hiding, you go after them in their hiding places. I find the floaters interesting. I got floaters when I had lyme and although they have slowly improved over the 2 decades since I had it, they still never went completely away. However, now that you mention it, they do seem to be gone now, I can't find a single one. This seems to just occurred after taking serrapeptase for the last week.


Dave Darrin wrote:
My three days may have been misleading as I didn't quit taking CS at that time. I went on a maintenance dose of four oz. A day for the next six years or so. Thereby keeping enough silver going through my blood stream to stop any further replication as the hidden ones
came out oh hiding.
Damn well worked for me. No flare ups--No more swollen inflamed joints--gradual lessening of brain fog(I'm still dumber than a stump)--No colds of flu or any other respiratory problems, I used to make so much snot I couldn't attend public affairs as I would have drowned in it. No more! The floaters have left my eyes--no more tennis elbow (I've had it in both elbows) My knees would crackle and pop and swell up to nearly the size of my waist--Each. I was on crutches and couldn't even walk across my kitchen without them. After the three day treatment with a little healing time I could out run an 18 year football player. That is a look at a Small And I repeat Small part of my Lyme experience, So Marshall and all you doubters WHAT IN THE HELL did I have.

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