I'm trying to make this as definitive, concise and up to date as my
experience will allow.

This is blunt. The whole protocol is blunt. I mean this protocol kills
disease like "killin' snakes" as we say here. This is for people who really
want to get well and are not in love with their diseases and conditions.

Do NOT do this if you have known kidney problems.

"You" simply means me and is only a figure of speech. I'm talking to myself
here and what anyone else does is their own business.

I'm not going to rehash how to identify all possible variations of
turpentine out there. It must be made from wood, NOT petroleum. It should be
made from pine, not other light woods, but any wood turpentine will do for
starters. Pure pine turpentine works MUCH better, as I just found out 4-5
hours ago. I will not discuss the new pine source publicly, you must contact
me off group for that. Please do not post the source publicly. 

Turpentine kills disease so fast that you WILL HURT from taking it and you
will have die-off effects. Always skip a day between doses.

Maximum dose is 2 teaspoons inside of 7 days.

Turpentine MUST BE TAKEN ON GRANULATED SUGAR. Do not argue. No other
sweeteners. Don't ask and don't do it. Don't use powdered sugar. Don't use
large grain raw sugar because it won't absorb the turpentine.

If you are really sick you can start with brown sugar because it will not be
as effective as on white sugar. However for maximum effect it has to be
taken on WHITE SUGAR. Don't ask, don't argue, just do it. After you get
comfortable taking it on brown, you have to switch to white sugar. There is
also merit to the idea of starting this with Wood turpentine since its
effects are not as strong as good pine turpentine.

Sugar cubes are ok to start with but quickly become a problem to chew and
swallow at larger doses.

There must ALWAYS be some dry sugar after you add the turpentine to it. If
your sugar is completely soaked with turpentine sprinkle more sugar on it
until some stays dry.

Always wash it down with pure water, nothing else.

You can start out taking it after eating a small meal to help defray any
initial nausea from any disease in the stomach lining. You must however
mover towards taking it on a totally empty stomach 8 hours minimum after

It matters how sick you are to start with. If you are quite ill, you should
start with a DROP. You stay at a dose until you no longer feel effects, two
drops, then 3 and so on, then 1/8 teaspoon, then 1/4, then 1/2 and finally
one full teaspoon.

Put sugar on a large spoon, add turpentine on to the sugar. When you get to
full teaspoon doses you may need a large serving spoon.

When you get to the serious end of this, using full teaspoons of turpentine
on white sugar on a totally empty stomach, do not eat for at least 2-3 hours
after taking it, but you can drink hot liquids. However, be aware that hot
liquids will then potentiate the fumes that are still rumbling around in
you. It's all over in a few hours. Turpentine is fully metabolized and
excreted in 20 hours.

Sometimes you will have chemical-smelling BM's afterward. It is assumed this
is die-off, particularly aldehydes from fungus. Especially in the early days
of doing this you may get kidney aches. Govern yourself accordingly. Back
off, drink lots of water and take sodium bicarbonate.

There are many detox protocols that go well with this, taken no sooner
though than 12 hours after a dose so as not to clean out the turpentine too
soon. We have found that following up with oral MSM or DMSO go well with
this but do NOT take them with the turpentine. It needs no help. It would be
wise to have done an MSM and/or DMSO detox first.

Do I need to say don't do this with any scrip drugs in your system? I hope


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