Thanks Nancy for the info have kept if for the future and for others very 
interesting - thanks 
Peace, love and hugs 
An attitude of gratitude is everything!!!
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On 18 Sep 2016, at 4:09 pm, Nancy Winiecki <> wrote:

I was getting bad reports from the dental hygienist about gum pockets, she 
wanted to do 4 quadrants of deep cleaning and scaling, at a steep price of $179 
per quadrant.  I had one quadrant done but decided to go all out on prevention, 
and I had an old hand-held bottle squirter with needle-like nozzle from ViaJet 
that I started using with CS in it.  But the needle kept clogging up so it 
eventually wouldn't squirt.  I tried other tips but then I tried a plastic 
disposable dental irrigation syringe with curved tip from Amazon.  It took a 
little practice to use but at least doesn't drive me crazy swiveling like the 
tips for the ViaJet bottle.  So I used the CS on my pockets for about a month 
then went back for a follow-up on the scaling and instead of pockets from 3-6 
they said 1-3 on my whole mouth!  I refused the rest of the proposed scaling 

I also wanted to say that thanks to the Silverlist, specifically Brooks 
Bradley, when I severely injured my knees last year doing heavy gardening work 
(which has been going on for 20 years), pulling heavy carts, digging, 
mattocking, and pulling on stuff in the ground, my L knee hurt severely and my 
R knee wouldn't bend and I could only lift it 1" off the floor and I had to use 
a walker or knee braces.  So I started using an infrared lamp on them, putting 
a neodymium magnet on my knees under the braces, using my Mag Pulser from Sota, 
and I took Natrol CMO (Cetyl Myristoleate) that Brooks recommended.  I got it 
from Amazon.  Over 3 months I had slow improvement until I could raise my R 
foot over 12" off the floor and could walk normally.  But they never seemed to 
be back 100%, and were easily set back by activity.  So this gardening season 
my knees were hurting again some and I was wearing knee braces for a while.  I 
thought about taking CMO again but have been buying a lot of my supplements 
from Swanson's so I checked out theirs, and found they had instead a product 
called Celadrin.  Their products have reviews, and someone there claimed that 
Celedrin, which is fatty esters like and including CMO, has a blend of esters 
and unlike CMO has been tested in a study with good results, and so I bought it 
instead.  It is a more polished product being in gel caps instead of dry powder 
capsules, and after taking it 3x a day, (I'm on my second bottle) I no longer 
have residual pain in my knee and have been getting back into some shoveling 
and mattocking which I couldn't do before without a lot of pain the next day.  
Anyway, those are my reports, I hope someone is interested in them, the traffic 
seems really light.


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