Well, this is regarding a family member, here in Australia.  She used to get a 
recurrence of Glandular Fever quite often some years back.  This is the virus 
from the Epstein Barr family apparently here, swollen Glands etc etc.  On one 
occasion she had white lesions on her tonsils, unfortunately I don't know if 
that was a symptom of EB or just the beginning of tonsillitis, but either way, 
the next day those white lesions had disappeared?  For the Glandular Fever, I 
got her to drink an 8 ounce glass EIS.  We did this several years ago now so I 
can't remember how often she did this, only a couple of days from memory.  She 
has not had these symptoms for several years since.  The thing is, there is no 
information available regarding EIS on pretty much anything in my opinion?  One 
really has to just take things upon themselves?  So, I have to say the EIS must 
have done *something* for the family member, she has not had a recurrence for 
5-7 years now?  But that was home made EIS, not the stuff they call Colloidal 
Silver from the shop.  If you have home made product, then experiment with it 
I'd say, this is what I do personally and with family members, I've been 
ingesting around 30ml EIS every morning before breakfast for 15 odd years now.  
If you never never go, you will never never know is my philosophy, I only live 
once, I shall not pass this way again <g>.


From: Carrole Orme <captain_sun...@yahoo.ca>
Sent: Monday, 16 April 2018 7:52 AM
To: silver-list@eskimo.com
Subject: CS>Epstein Barr virus using EIS

Does anyone know if EIS will help get rid of Epstein Barr virus?  I also have 
I have been making EIS for many yrs and take it quite often but I’m not sure if 
I’m taking enough and how much for how long
I have been very sick with fatigue and pain for so long. I’m not getting  very 
good help from doctors,isn’t that a surprise
I can hardly get out of bed and do very much. My quality of life really sucks
I am in Canada and on a senior pension so don’t have very much money.
I try to do research but very hard to know what really works and with brain fog 
plus get too fatigue to read very long
It’s hard to explain what severe fatigue does to u , simple things r very hard.
I live alone so it makes things extra hard.
If anyone has any help,ideas or anything please would appreciate it
I have been a member for many yrs but haven't written
Thanks Carrole

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