Hi Reid,

I’ve been using a silverpuppy for years.

The ambient temperature of the room has a significant impact on the timing. 
Even with a thermal stirrer the differences are significant. I experience this 
often because I live in Tokyo, where climate control is not necessary so often, 
but temperatures can vary wildly during the day or night. I always get a good 
quality result, regardless.

Around room temperature gives the best quality however.
Ode can tell you more.


> On Apr 16, 2018, at 20:32, Reid Harvey <reidharvey7...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello to All,
> I'm still getting used to my SilverPuppy, but hope somebody can tell me why 
> the timing of making EIS is peculiar.
> I've only done this twice, both times using the distilled water from the same 
> bottle.  Both times I shut it off after about ten hours, but for one time the 
> light was on for six hours, while the other time it was only three hours. 
> Why, when I used the distilled water from the same bottle?
> I'm also puzzled about the light blinking every 8 seconds or so, and is EIS 
> being made during this time?  And what's the dim red light all about?  These 
> are questions for Ode, of course, but I like to get the viewpoints of others.
> Reid

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