Sounds as if it might be advisable to rinse the container with a small
amount of distilled water, prior to filling it and insetting the
electrodes. No?

On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 9:37 AM, Ode Coyote <>

> The first batch may take less time due to contamination from the jar
> dissolving into the distilled water.  Just one mineral water spot makes a
> HUGE difference.  Just 2 grains of salt..a finger print on a hot day...huge
> difference.
> The LED shifts colors to tell you that the current is changing
> directions.  It doesn't matter what color it is.  If that LED is on, it
> shows that electricity is flowing through the water with a visual
> indication of 'how much' current...and there is no way that you are not
> making EIS if that LED is lit.
> The Yellow LED starts blinking when the generator enters programmed mode
> after reaching 10 uS conductivity.  8 times because that's how many times
> you pressed the programming button.  8 hours to go to get to where you told
> it to go.  In one hour it will blink 7 times.
> If current is constant, the ion emission rate is a constant and time can
> be used to predict.
> But 'ramp up to current' is an acceleration curve where, if you don't know
> where it started, time is totally useless to predict anything.
> VERY small differences in water and environment make massive differences
> in "travel time"
> ode
> On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 7:32 AM, Reid Harvey <>
> wrote:
>> Hello to All,
>> I'm still getting used to my SilverPuppy, but hope somebody can tell me
>> why the timing of making EIS is peculiar.
>> I've only done this twice, both times using the distilled water from the
>> same bottle.  Both times I shut it off after about ten hours, but for one
>> time the light was on for six hours, while the other time it was only three
>> hours. Why, when I used the distilled water from the same bottle?
>> I'm also puzzled about the light blinking every 8 seconds or so, and is
>> EIS being made during this time?  And what's the dim red light all about?
>> These are questions for Ode, of course, but I like to get the viewpoints of
>> others.
>> Reid